Eight theses on competence

Theses 1:
Equal rights for formal, non-formal and informal learning
is an imperative of the hour.

Theses 2:
Skills have their place and their time where they come from

Theses 3:
On the right on education and the power to implement it

Theses 4:
The world calls you. The world needs you.

Theses 5:
Fear and trust – that is just a question of belonging

Theses 6:
Option for social embedding and skill development for an autonomous life-style

Theses 7:
Lives matter

Theses 8:
Competences of new generations

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Digital Opportunity traineeships: boosting digital skills on the job

The Digital Opportunity traineeship initiative will provide cross-border traineeships for up to 6,000 students and recent graduates between 2018 and 2020. The aim is to give students of all disciplines the opportunity to get hands on digital experience in fields demanded by the market.

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