The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Learning, Teaching and Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently high on the political and research agendas around the world. With the emergence of every new technology, there is always both a lot of hype and scepticism around its implications for society and the economy. Although acknowledging that the foundations for AI have been already around for several decades, recent technological breakthroughs are accelerating what AI could do.

This study looks at what this could mean for learning, teaching, and education. It aims to provide a critical review and prospective angle on relevant AI developments as a basis for well-informed policyoriented discussions about the future of these domains.

Strengthening the quality of early childhood education and care through inclusion

Inclusion in education is an ongoing process of removing barriers that prevent some learners to participate in quality education.

This policy memo demonstrates that inclusive ECEC could further the goal of inclusive education, by ensuring that inclusion begins early in the trajectory of lifelong learning.

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