RECTEC standard

 RECTEC is a European project created in 2016 to promote employability through the recognition of transversal skills and their matching with professional qualifications.

Funded by the European Union, it brings together three French-speaking countries: Belgium, France and Luxembourg.  The evaluation framework lists twelve cross-functional competencies grouped into 4 areas: üan organizational center, bringing together the skills of “organizing your activity”, “taking into account regulations”, “working in a team” and “mobilizing mathematical resources“ üa communication center, bringing together the skills of “communicating verbally”, “communicating with the written word”, “taking into account social uses” and “using digital resources“ üa reflexive pole for action, “manage information” and “act in the face of unforeseen events“ üa reflexive pole with a personal aim, “to build one’s professional career” and “to develop one’s knowledge and modes of learning.

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